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That is what I like about tulips, their simplicity.  Not over the top, they will not scream for attention but will softly whisper for it. 

When picking a flower out for the “blooming” part of The Blooming Spoon I was first attracted to the hydrangeas, my favorite flower.  But as I searched through the flowers at my local floral department I changed my mind. Taking center stage were the hydrangeas along with the lilies, roses, and the over-the-top mixed bouquets. These were the stars, the attention grabbers, the flowers meant to lure the passer by.  I didn’t want that, I wanted something different, something unexpected. As I got beyond the facade, towards the very back corner, where most don’t even venture, I saw the tulips.   Simple, elegant and classic that is what I was looking for. The unexpected was found in the flower’s simplicity. I had found the perfect bloom for my spoon!!

The tulip helps me to remember to enjoy the simple things, for that is where beauty, happiness, and wonder lie!

What simple things do you enjoy?

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