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The Persuasion of Limes

I am a sucker, yes I said it!

When it comes to food gadgets or plants/seeds…I can’t say no…it is impossible.

Case in point:  Last week I went to Ace Hardware with the strict plans to leave with just stakes and ties for my tomato plants.  I had all intentions of being strong, nothing else was coming home with me…I swear!…..

Until I saw it…a simple, non-threatening, white sign and written on it the dangerous words…50% off plants.  That was it, there was no chance for me…I was doomed.

What did I buy?  I got the cutest, most outstanding lime tree…well actually it looks more like a bush.  A very thorny bush at that, didn’t know limes had thorns and boy do they hurt!  But….anyhoo…Right now it is a container lime tree and probably will stay that way so it will stay nice and small.  There are already a couple dozen mini limes (so cute and small)…and just as many blooms, all with baby limes budding out of of the center (like the one above).

I am super excited and cannot wait until they mature.  When they do, I will need all the lime filled recipes imaginable!  Any suggestions???