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The Persuasion of Limes

I am a sucker, yes I said it!

When it comes to food gadgets or plants/seeds…I can’t say no…it is impossible.

Case in point:  Last week I went to Ace Hardware with the strict plans to leave with just stakes and ties for my tomato plants.  I had all intentions of being strong, nothing else was coming home with me…I swear!…..

Until I saw it…a simple, non-threatening, white sign and written on it the dangerous words…50% off plants.  That was it, there was no chance for me…I was doomed.

What did I buy?  I got the cutest, most outstanding lime tree…well actually it looks more like a bush.  A very thorny bush at that, didn’t know limes had thorns and boy do they hurt!  But….anyhoo…Right now it is a container lime tree and probably will stay that way so it will stay nice and small.  There are already a couple dozen mini limes (so cute and small)…and just as many blooms, all with baby limes budding out of of the center (like the one above).

I am super excited and cannot wait until they mature.  When they do, I will need all the lime filled recipes imaginable!  Any suggestions???



That is what I like about tulips, their simplicity.  Not over the top, they will not scream for attention but will softly whisper for it. 

When picking a flower out for the “blooming” part of The Blooming Spoon I was first attracted to the hydrangeas, my favorite flower.  But as I searched through the flowers at my local floral department I changed my mind. Taking center stage were the hydrangeas along with the lilies, roses, and the over-the-top mixed bouquets. These were the stars, the attention grabbers, the flowers meant to lure the passer by.  I didn’t want that, I wanted something different, something unexpected. As I got beyond the facade, towards the very back corner, where most don’t even venture, I saw the tulips.   Simple, elegant and classic that is what I was looking for. The unexpected was found in the flower’s simplicity. I had found the perfect bloom for my spoon!!

The tulip helps me to remember to enjoy the simple things, for that is where beauty, happiness, and wonder lie!

What simple things do you enjoy?

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Pretty Pretty Flowers

Flowers…they make me giddy…what can I say?

An effortless vase of fresh flowers can brighten a room on a rainy day…what am I saying…they can brighten a room on a sunny day…they are perfect brilliance.  Peonies certainly make my top 5 favorites list, how can I resist those perfectly scrumptious blushing pink petals?  Ahhh…pure giddiness!!!

What is your idea of perfect brilliance??  What makes you giddy?

Just a nibble…

I love days like this….you know…the days that contains a little nibble of splendor.  A nibble of what, you ask?   Let me explain…I got up, made the coffee and got ready to leave the house, you know the normal routine.  But then a pause came in this routine… something had caught my eye.  This pause is what I lovingly call a little nibble of splendor, it is just a little bite of something wonderful .  This little nibble is usually something simple, the pure white gardenia I saw while sitting at a light or the cute little bird hopping across the sidewalk as I pass while entering the store.  Today it was a rose bush I passed while taking a morning walk.  Check out the lady bug posing for the camera, a star in the making!!

Posted this here, great place to share and appreciate the nibbles…
tuesdays unwrapped at cats