About this blogger

About me……hmmmm…let’s see:

Mostly I am a fun-loving girl with an insatiable curiosity. I have been accused of having my hand in too many cookie jars at a time (figuratively and literally)! I can’t argue with those accusations; it pretty much is true…I did mention I have an insatiable curiosity right? Need proof?…I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts and a culinary degree. I am in love with painting, photography, baking, cooking, flowers, and herb gardens. I have also been known to dabble in ceramics, jewelry making, knitting, candle making and have even tried to make all natural body products! All have been fun adventures and I may have to revisit one or two of them some time.

At the moment I live with my lovely cousin and her husband in Texas. This provides me with a constant test group for my various recipes as well as a super backyard for my gardening experiments!

Feel free to check in often, this blog is going to be fun and you just don’t want to miss out on it!


Just me and my camera!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi! I accidentally came across your blog and it looks so delightful! I love food although I’m never good at it (check out my pancake entry)…but hopefully i’ll learn it through you. 🙂 I also enjoy photography as well…but i usually do it as a hobby. Well, I’ll look forward to reading more of your recipes and gardens!



  2. Hi Mink…Welcome! Hope that I can help you on your food journey, though I am still learning too! Part of the fun is doing something you enjoy and it seems like you enjoy it…so you are half way there. 🙂 My photography is for hobby as well, really just learning as I go along! Your blog is enjoyable and I look forward to reading more. kristie


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