Pretty Pretty Flowers

Flowers…they make me giddy…what can I say?

An effortless vase of fresh flowers can brighten a room on a rainy day…what am I saying…they can brighten a room on a sunny day…they are perfect brilliance.  Peonies certainly make my top 5 favorites list, how can I resist those perfectly scrumptious blushing pink petals?  Ahhh…pure giddiness!!!

What is your idea of perfect brilliance??  What makes you giddy?


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  1. Superb photography skills, Nice flower.


  2. Wow, I think that might be the perfect shade of pink I have ever seen! Really pretty photo!


  3. That’s just beautiful. No other words are necessary.


  4. I love flowers, and I love the crop on your photo!


  5. Flowers, my family, and good chocolate.
    Oh, and good coffee…. these all make me giddy!


  6. i love the light in that shot. perfection.


  7. very pretty!


  8. I love flowers too. What is funny is that I took pictures of the same kind of flowers this weekend.
    What makes me giddy ? Knowing I have a new episode of a series I like waiting for me.


  9. How beautiful!!!!


  10. Thank you all for all the kind words…it has made my day even sweeter!!!


  11. So so pretty…great sweet shot!


  12. Posted by Brenda Edwards on June 16, 2010 at 11:20 am

    oh so beautiful! I love the color of this flower!!


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