Just a nibble…

I love days like this….you know…the days that contains a little nibble of splendor.  A nibble of what, you ask?   Let me explain…I got up, made the coffee and got ready to leave the house, you know the normal routine.  But then a pause came in this routine… something had caught my eye.  This pause is what I lovingly call a little nibble of splendor, it is just a little bite of something wonderful .  This little nibble is usually something simple, the pure white gardenia I saw while sitting at a light or the cute little bird hopping across the sidewalk as I pass while entering the store.  Today it was a rose bush I passed while taking a morning walk.  Check out the lady bug posing for the camera, a star in the making!!

Posted this here, great place to share and appreciate the nibbles…
tuesdays unwrapped at cats


3 responses to this post.

  1. Love the ladybug!


  2. Little nibbles of splendor. Such a great way to put it.


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