Stripes make me happy!

That is right…I said it, stripes make me happy.  Painting makes me happy as well and it will come as no surprise that I often find myself combining these two blissful elements together.  Painting stripes for some reason is therapeutic.  I don’t know why because the process is insanely long and tedious but when I peel the blue painters tape off to see that beautifully painted sharp line, it is just utterly satisfying.  In fact most times I find myself doing a little happy dance! This painting is the first in what I hope to be a series of pattern type paintings.  Bold graphic wall paper like patterns combined to be eye-catching is my goal!

Do stripes make you happy too?  If not stripes…polka-dots…swirls?

If by chance, like me, you answered stripes to the above question but haven’t yet mastered painting them, I have a tip…after having taped down the edges of your lines and before you paint them seal the tape lines with a clear matte medium, or some type of clear matte varnish.  This will ensure that no paint bleeds through giving you that sharp edge.  Just make sure you wait for the matte medium to be completely dry before painting!

Happy stripe painting!!!



One response to this post.

  1. Oh wow! I love that painting!! Good job. You know, I think I am inspired to make a striped quilt now!! I wonder if the medium trick would work with painters tape when painting my room walls? We always get those blasted rough edges!!! Argh.


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