“Honey, I killed the basil…..again”

They say the first step is to admit…Hi my name is Kristie and I have killed my basil plants not once but twice.  With the warmer temperatures and late sunsets comes the reccurring temptation to start an herb garden.  The first time this temptation showed itself, it was innocent enough.  I was meeting friends and was early (as usual!), so I decided to stop by my most favorite place in the world…the grocery store.  This time it was Whole Foods and outside sat the most beautiful basil plants.  I felt as though a light came down from heaven and put that plant in a wonderful warm spotlight for me to purchase.  Not knowing what I was getting into I snatched it up and whisked it away!  I proudly displayed my first basil plant in my apartment and named it the very original “Basil” (pronounced Bah-sil, the oh-so-proper English way!)   He was my little pet plant and I loved it sooooo!  Each day I would check the soil and would sit it outside on the balcony to sun bathe.  Then it happened….the worst turn of events….a happy but evil family of spider-mites had moved in and settled on my (why mine) little basil!   That spelled the end of Basil.  I mourned.

By the next spring I was struck again with the temptation to grow basil yet again; how easily I forget.  This time I bought a small package of small basil plants, 3 opportunities to get this right.  Again I babied my little girls (I have an odd habit of personifying plants)….and lo-and-behold they flourished.   I was a proud mama.  So happy was I that I decided to get my girls out of their stuffy little pots and into something befitting such beauties.  A shiny new pot was ready for the transplant and housed them brilliantly.  The excitement soon ended…soon came the horrific cry… “Honey, I killed the basil…again!”  I was a two time murderer and this time I was scarred.  For a couple of years I was too scared to try again.

Then came this spring…the warm weather, the late sunsets and the urge to plant basil.  Knowing my past I was hesitant but as soon as a saw that small display outside my most favorite place in the world, yep the grocery store, I was overwhelmed with 12 year-old giddiness and scooped up that basil plant and brought it home like a proud mom.  So what is the point of this little visit to my basil murdering past?  I am making this one of many summer projects…to SUCCESSFULLY have a healthy herb garden….but there is one catch…

Ok….the catch is….I need help!  I am  going to frequent the gardening section of the internet, bookstores and home improvement stores in hopes to soak up advice, but I will need more (you now know my horrid history) and I want green-thumbed readers to offer practical knowledge as well.  When do I transplant, what type of soil, sun or no sun (that is the question)???  HELP ME!  My plant, Basil III, has a sibling Oregano.  And I don’t want to fail again.   Throughout this herb gardening journey I will be keeping everyone informed of the progress, or tragedy, of this journey.  Of course there will be pictures, I AM a proud mama after all!

First hurdle to jump…do I keep my herbs as potted plants or plant outside?

Wish me luck….K

Basil III



2 responses to this post.

  1. Ah, I am so sorry for your loss! I had no idea you had such a tragic basil past!! Are you actually harvesting some of your Basil and Oregano? I am about to plant some basil seeds. My Cilantro and Parsley seeds have sprouted and are doing well.


  2. Thank you for your condolences…each loss is always a hard one. I have yet to harvest the Basil or Oregano for fear of killing them. I will get the courage once I see them thriving….maybe! Congrats on the Cilantro and Parsley!!


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